Monster Visual Artists

Nick McLean Scott
Born and raised in Montreal, QC, I am currently based in Vancouver, BC, specializing in Tiki Carvings and Halloween Folk Art. I work in many different mediums, but am known especially for my innovative painted cork carvings, raw art brut style carvings made from recycled cork and found objects.
My commercial works includes designing record cover sleeve art for labels like Sprut & Rags (Italy) and Mammoth Cave (Canada), hand painting original artwork for Sparrow Guitars and Bone Rattle Music, and creating gig posters, t-shirt designs, and logos for various bands and concert promoters.

I participate in solo and group art shows across North America and love it when people see my artwork firsthand.

In addition to my art, I co-edit Mongrel Zine, an independent arts and music fanzine.

Cheryl Cheeks
Is a Vancouver based writer and photographer. She likes capturing people surfacing from their daydreams. The expression that passes across peoples’ faces when they focus their eyes out of a daydream reminds her of the first fully conscious breath we take when we wake up. Slow and steady at first; we brighten into reality. Bright moments. Dark moments. Cheryl will drink them all up, because inside each moment there’s something laying in wait to inspire us all. Most recently, Cheryl’s been experimenting with light (or lack of it) and long exposures to create earthbound memories—spirits barely tangible to the naked eye—bound by the walls and objects around them.
Some of Cheryl’s writing:
Some of my photography:
The link to the full set of photos in the series I’d like to submit:

Kiki Lightburn
Kiki Lightburn is a Vancouver born artist who spent her younger years growing up in Europe . Kiki’s art is as colourful as she is, mixing the odd & macabre with the humorous & playful in a edgy wonderscope of colours and emotions.

Melinda See
Alberta artist Melinda See has been a paint-slinger since childhood and has never really left. Having spent a large portion of time avoiding the arts, but having a persistent family, Melinda now enjoys illustrating with ink, watercolor, and acrylics.  Having a background in theatre and film, she does not only illustrations, but still life, sculpture, scenic painting, and murals for children’s rooms.  Melinda likes to personally tailor a piece of work to an individuals imagination for their personal space.Ran Xia
Mixed-media painting inspired by theatrical performances, movies, staged readings, stories, etc.
I do commissions too.
My Store:

Vixn Seven
Zombie Baby Play Area or Zombie Daycare Scene

Letitia Loughridge
Zombie hairclips and decorations

Rod Preston
Rod will be taking photos through out the festival!Parjad Sharifi
Parjad Sharifi is a scenographer and theatre creator. He holds a MFA in scenography from The University of British Columbia. His recent credit is creating Chronos of A Dead Machine, a new media/theatre project which was premiered in London as part of DRHA, Sensual Technologies: Collaborative Practices of Interdisciplinary. Parjad’s current interest is exploring the fusion between scenography, acting and digital puppetry. He is pursuing this research as PHD candidate at SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology. His last theatre design work include video design and lighting design for
Leaky Heaven’s Project X.


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