Poster and blog header artwork by Margaux Wosk / Retrophiliac 

Meet Margaux!

Inspired by the eccentric, groovy nature of the late 60’s and early 70’s, self taught artist Margaux Wosk’s self proclaimed “retrophiliac” art mirrors her unique retro vision.
Captivating colours, energetic lines continue to define her individual style. Her art has been displayed in various venues, as well as on many websites and in print.
Recently, She showcased 4 of her 160+ pieces of art at Alex Cortina’s Gastown Gaspointe Gallery. In October of 2010, she also competed in Monika Blichar’s Golden Brush competition.
Several projects in the works include: Launching her domain,, creating more crafty goods and working on artistic collaborations, as well as many random art endeavours.
When she’s not pursuing creative outlets, she can be found searching for vintage treasures for new found inspiration.
October 30 2010 (Art displayed at the Bohemia Cafe in Edmonton AB):
July 15th to September 9th 2011 (Art displayed at Gaspointe Gallery in Vancouver BC)
October 2010 (Participated in Monika Blichar’s Golden Brush 2 Competition):

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